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Audio users and professionals who work with their PCIe audio cards on desktop PCs are now able to apply their PCIe audio cards to the laptop via the brand-new PCIe expansion device, TurboBox™. Users only need to install their PCIe audio cards into the TurboBox, connecting the TurboBox with the laptop, and then they can begin their professional audio work with the laptop.

Users who intend to work outdoors can now choose the combination of PCIe audio card and TurboBox with their work. This combination is ideal because it is easy and equal performance can be attained on laptop as it is on a desktop PC; on the other hand, the performance you can get originally on a desktop PC can now also be reached on a laptop, meaning a power shift from desktop PC to laptop.

Netstor’s TurboBox supports universal environments and hardware for audio solutions. Whether your requirement for digital signal processing or audio processing involve MacBook Pro, laptop, MacPro, or desktop PC running Windows operating system, Mac OS X or Linux, TurboBox will perform integration of the digital signal processor (DSP) accelerator card (Duo/Quad), audio cards and audio hardware to deliver a total integrated solution for you to work with your projects smoothly and complete your work in time.