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TurboBox NA211A Plays Key Role in Malta Audio Recording

The Isle of MTV Malta 2011, Malta's biggest free open-air party, has returned with a fantastic line-up of musicians including American rapper Snoop Dogg, Far East Movement, and LMFAO as well as DJs. More than 50,000 fans have attended the Isle of MTV Malta 2011 at Floriana, Malta to catch the action live. The concert has also served as the "Gran Finale" to the popular Malta Music Week. Furthermore, MTV has prepared cameras in Malta to capture all the concert from Isle of MTV Malta, and the concert will be shown in an hour-long special airing across MTV's pan-European and worldwide network this year.

Marco Capaccioni, leader of the Sound Studio Service, an audio recording corporation based in Città di Castello, Italy, and his team have participated in the event of MTV Malta 2011. Marco said that they needed to do on-site audio editing with their mobile studio near the concert. They used to use desktop computer such as Mac Pro with their work, but they found it’s very difficult to apply Mac Pro to their mobile studio when they do on-site audio editing abroad because of the large computer case Mac Pro is; therefore, they began to seek MacBook Pro, a laptop, for replacement. Now Marco and his team have used two RME HDSPe MADI cards yielding a total of 128 ins and outs installed inside Netstor TurboBox NA211A, an external 3-slot PCIe expansion chassis, connected to their MacBook Pro through ExpressCard/34 connector to do professional audio editing on-site at the event of MTV Malta 2011.

Congratulations to Marco and his team on the work of on-site audio editing well done and succeeded. It is great that their job is done with success.