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Netstor’s PCIe Storage Solution Fits Apple Xserve Needs for Storage and PCI Express Slot Expansion

Netstor Technology is proud to announce the award-winning PCIe RAID subsystems, which utilizes an external PCI-e 2.0 x8 cable to provide an incredible 40Gbps bandwidth for Apple Xserve. The Netstor’s NR333A series is designed for the demands of mass storage capacity expansion and solving PCI Express slot shortage and space limitation on Apple 1U Xserve.

Sustained High Performance

NR333A is based on the Intel Dual Core 1.2GHz IOP348 RAID processor with high performance data throughput and reliable protection on latest RAID 6 technology for two drives fault tolerance. A Netstor’s NR333A system configure in RAID 5 with sixteen SATA disks delivers up to 833MB/sec read, 742MB/sec write data transfers(Click here for testing report).

PCIe slot expansion

PCIe slots are needed while looking to equip vast capacity storage devices or I/O peripherals to the Apple Xserve. Netstor utilizes the PCI Express expansion technology to extend the PCIe slots from the Xserve to the enclosure, at the same time, creates extra PCI Express slots. NR333A can provide extra one PCIe x8 slot or two PCIe x4 slots for Apple Xserve.

Power supply redundancy

NR333A series adopt high quality redundant power supplies which provide hot-swappable, load sharing, no noise, and keep your workloads and critical applications running 24x7 without hardware failure interruption.

Quiet hot-swap cooling Fan modules

Netstor’s NR333A features easy and hot-swappable fan modules, so the ultra-quiet fan modules can be installed or removed without interrupting the entire system.