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Since IP Digital Camera came to existence, surveillance technology has gained benefit by taking advantage of IP-Cameras and IP-storage. Higher resolution, reliability, scalability, and is available for less cost.

With this solution method, all you have to do is simply set up the IP-cameras and deploy the IP-Storage to the Gigabit Network infrastructure for the high resolution video images back up with Raid protection. Then you can watch the real-time image instantaneously via the Internet at any place and any time. Moreover, if a shortage of storage capacity occurs, adding another IP-storage to the system would take just minutes. And the compatibility is not questionable.

Solution from Netstor

For the storage of increasingly high quality video, the IP storage system should also be of a tremendously reliable and scalable level. To meet such an amazingly strict standard, we therefore highly recommend you the powerful Netstor iSCSI to SATAII/III series. It’s intergraded with an efficient Intel 341 64-bit Xscale processor,latest technology Raid 6 data protection function and built-in up to four(4) GbE ports for high speed transmission makes it the best choice of IP-storage solution.

Solution Deployment Figure

Benefits of iSCSI Storage Solution

  •  High Performance :
Faster Intel 341,800MHz 64-bit Xscale processor to be the core engine that delivers high performance while running by quad/dual GbE channel.
  •  High  Reliability :   
Features the latest RAID 6 technology for hard disk failure redundancy and providing the redundant power supply optional for maximum fault-tolerant.
  •  High Capacity :    
Supports 3TB SATA disk for up to 24TB in 8-bay enclosure or 48TB in 16-bay enclosure of raw capacity for maximum storage expansion.
  •  Easy Operation :   
The Web GUI allows the administrator to install and manage the IP/SAN storage through internet access(RJ45 port) at anytime and anywhere for most simply operation.
  •  Easy Deployment :
It provides four(4) or two(2) Gigabit Ethernet ports for simplified deployment through existing networks infrastructure.