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In accordance with new students attend the campus every year. The amount of mail space that is offered to each student and the number of profiles of every student grow relatively. Hence, the requirement of storage facility extend year on year.

For example, a university with 20,000 students given 1GBs space each. The administration will have to offer 20TBs just for student’s mail and backup space. Additionally, universities and colleges are usually involved in some national or world class research projects. Thus, the demand of capacity is easily extended to more than 100TBs. And the scientific research results are of super importance that any of the data could be the effort for years. Hence, any destruction of the computation aftermath is not even allowed.

Consequently, there must be an ultra reliable, scalable, and compatible way of storage solution. The mighty Netstor 6Gb/s SAS Expander series, supports up to 128 SAS/SATA II/III HDDs maximum based on latest 6G SAS Expander topology for easily adding storage to the existing server, superior enclosure management and capable of expansion storage capacity in the future.