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NS780TB3 Redefines the Dream Team for Video Editors

(Taipei, Taiwan--March 29, 2022) As Apple has just released the latest Dream Team of Mac Studio and Studio Display for the video editing professionals, it is necessity and essential to add external mass storages to the Mac Studio in favor of the data archiving expansion. Netstor’s newly released NS780TB3 storage is designed to have adopted the same highest-speed data transmission port with the identical transfer rate found on Mac Studio – Thunderbolt™ 4. Additionally, Netstor NS780TB3 (Thunderbolt™ 3) is fully compatible with any Thunderbolt™ 4 port on Mac Studio, and does also achieve the same performance of top bandwidth 40Gbps between host workstation and Netstor unit.

The desktop NS780TB3 which can be installed with up to sixteen (16) 3.5” SAS or SATA hard drives of any capacity is able to effortlessly expand Apple Mac Studio’s data storage for mass archiving through DAS (Direct Attached Storage) connection supporting easy plug-and-play characteristic. The video editors and digital content creators can even utilize the multiple Thunderbolt™ 4 ports on Mac Studio to connect with multiple NS780TB3 storages, allowing external data storage capacity to start with sixteen (16) bays per unit upon data growth demand.

Netstor understands video editors are generally noise-sensitive to the editing environment. In view of this, the storage enclosure is created to have two big 12 × 12 cm cooling fans situated both at the front side and at the rear panel respectively – totaling four large cooling fans within the unit; accompanying the best airflow ventilation framework of the chassis, the warm air generated by the hard drives during operation can be smoothly ventilated out of the enclosure with the slowest fan speed setting, allowing digital content creators to fully dedicated to the video production workflows without the interference of the possible noise while they work on the digital content creation.

For more information about NS780TB3, please visit the product webpage at: NS780TB3.

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