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Netstor Provides Full External Rack Mount PCIe Storage Solutions for Rack Mount Mac Pro

(Taipei, Taiwan--January 21, 2020) Netstor Technology Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the full compatibility of its external rack mount PCIe 3.0 ×8 interface RAID storage from 2U through 4U including NA322A-G3, NA333A-G3, and NA380A-G3 which are seamlessly the optimal partner for rack mount Mac Pro and is dedicated to supporting and working with rack Mac Pro in all kinds of fields involving server/workstation applications, production and varied workflows.

The full line of Netstor rackmount PCIe 3.0 storage itself is hardware RAID rack storage. The users or MIS can decide by themselves to select the favored vendor and model of RAID card to be installed inside the Netstor rack storage in support of the hardware RAID level security and data protection. What’s more, the rack mount Mac Pro has built-in multiple lightning-fast PCIe 3.0 slots which are perfect for operation and expansion to one or more Netstor rackmount PCIe 3.0 storages; by two Netstor PCIe storages connecting to the same rack Mac Pro for RAID 60, the highest-level data security ever, the data transmission can even reach 5000 MB/s in support of 8K production and various server/workstation operations.

For more information about Netstor racmkmount PCIe 3.0 storage, please visit the product webpages at: NA322A-G3, NA333A-G3 and NA380A-G3.

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